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Who Makes The World A Better Place


Who will make the world a better place?

It's you - not others! If one person starts, others will follow. Change yourself, and the world will change.

There’s a girl in our work-team who sometimes goes to the supermarket during her lunch break, and always asks to me if I want to buy anything. I often ask her to buy fruit for me, and each time, I give her a folded bag to avoid taking the supermarket bags.

At first, she used to wince a little, but would then follow my request. One day, she handed some guavas which were in a supermarket bag, and shyly said, "I forgot to give your bag to them today!"

The market near the house of my classmate who is from England, sells brown sugar. When I asked her to buy it for me and gave her my carry bag, she happily agreed without any discomfort.

I usually have lunch with a colleague and she often offers me a tissue. Yet I always firmly refuse to use it and once half- jokingly said to her, "Don’t you know a piece of paper is a tree?"

After that, she shared with me "half a tree" instead of using a whole tissue paper.

When I went out to buy pancakes in my hometown, I carried several containers with me: a container for vegetables, a plate for the pancakes, a cup for fish sauce, etc… My sister-in-law followed me happily without any hesitation.

During the New Year holiday, when I bought flowers with my mom, I also carried my bags. The seller was surprised, so my mother explained, "She protects the environment."

Another colleague, whom I hadn’t met for a long time, cheerfully said,I have made the enzyme like you to clean the house, wash dishes and wash vegetables to remove the chemicals.” Recently, when she went to the supermarket, she also brought a bag with her.

She encouraged her husband to take his water bottle to work or to buy coffee. I was surprised because I did not tell her about carrying the bag or showing her how to make the enzyme. She explained that she had seen some posts on my Facebook.

Thoughts and actions are contagious. Those who have a close contact with us will be influenced from our actions, then they will slowly change. Sometimes we think the actions we do are too small, but many drops will make a lake. We do good things due to the voice of our conscience, even though others may not do them. Right is right even if no one is doing it, and wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it”.

Truth does not need proof, and it manifests itself over time. We can change small, easy things first. Be patient with people, don't force them and don't be upset with them. They need time. At the right time, they will change.

More than ten years ago, some sellers felt strange or uncomfortable when I handed my bags to them. Now they are different. They appreciate it when I carry my bag because they are aware of the current environmental problem.

Who will make the world a better place? It's you - not others! If one person starts, others will follow. Change yourself, and the world will change.


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