Time for Meditation

Most people say they would like to meditate. Most people say they don't meditate. And why?

Most people say they would like to meditate. Most people say they don't meditate. And why?

Because, they say, they don't have time. So how and when do busy people, make moments to meditate?

First thing in the morning

This will nourish you with inner strength – almost like ‘breakfast for the inner self.’

Just as health professionals say breakfast is an important meal for the body, so a good start to the day of meditation ‘fuels’ us to manage the challenges of the day.

During the day - ‘Traffic Control’

Inner Space Centres introduce ‘traffic control’, which is a few minutes meditation several times a day. You may even like to experiment with meditating for 1 minute each hour and see how it influences the other 59 minutes.

Many people share it increases their concentration and they do not have so much ‘build up’ of waste or unnecessary thoughts. It is an opportunity to check the direction our thoughts are ‘travelling’.

And, if we are going ‘off track’ into waste or negative thoughts, to realign our thoughts in a constructive direction.

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Also when we drive our motorbikes or cars on the road, we have to stop at every red traffic light, so these red lights are an opportunity to have a short meditation – experiment with even 20 seconds.

At night

Before you sleep is a good time for your final meditation of the day. As part of your bedtime routine, sit quietly with yourself and reflect on the day, considering what was well done and what could be done differently tomorrow.

Firstly close the ‘files' of the day's activities, then have a meditation so you peacefully close the day and can enter a good quality restful sleep.

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