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Respecting Myself


Check if this is for you

  • Check point 1: Do you like feeling good about yourself inside?

  • Check point 2: Do you want to stay strong inside if someone says something unkind to you?

  • Check point 3: Do you like thinking positively about others?

If your answers are ‘YES’, this is for YOU.

  • You are going to do a creative visualisation exercise on a beautiful garden.

  • It will take about 5 minutes.

  • Please find a quiet place to sit comfortably.

  • Fully focus your attention on the audio. (a transcript of the audio is below).

  • If your mind wanders away to other thoughts, gently guide it back to the visualisation.

  • You can close your eyes, or keep them open. If you keep them open then focus them on one point as you listen.

Listen to the Visualisation

Garden of Respect Visualisation Exercise

“Sit comfortably and let your body relax . . . As you breathe slowly, let your mind be still and calm . . . Starting at your feet, let yourself relax . . . Relax the legs . . . the stomach . . . the shoulders . . . the neck . . . the face . . . the nose . . . the eyes . . . and the forehead . . . Let your mind be calm . . . Breathe deeply . . . Concentrate on being still and quiet inside. . . In your mind, picture a flower . . . and imagine the smell of this flower . . . Enjoy its fragrance . . . Observe its shape and colour . . . Enjoy its beauty . . . Each person is like a flower . . . Each one of us is unique . . . yet we have many things in common . . . Picture a garden around you with many varieties of flowers . . . all of them beautiful . . . Each flower with its colour . . . each flower has its own fragrance. . . each flower is giving the best of itself . . . Some are tall with pointed petals, some with rounded petals, some are big and others little . . . Some have many different colours . . . and some attract the eye because of their simplicity . . . Each one of us is like a beautiful flower . . . Enjoy the beauty of each one of us . . .Each adds beauty to the garden . . . All of us are important . . . Together we form the garden . . . Each flower has respect for itself . . . When we respect ourselves, it becomes easy to respect others . . . Each one of us is valuable and unique . . . When we have respect for others, we can see their good qualities. . . Look for what is good in each one . . . Each has a unique role. . . Each is important . . . Let this image fade in your mind, and bring your attention back to this room again.” (Living Values Activities 8-14 years)

Checking In

  • How did your body feel when you listened to the garden visualisation?

  • How did you feel inside your mind?

  • What did you learn from this garden visualisation?


Today practise thinking this thought during the day: I am unique and valuable.

  • At the end of the day, check how you feel about yourself?

  • How do you feel about others?

  • How will the world be if everyone thinks about themselves as unique and valuable?

  • How will the world be if everyone has self-respect?

  • Is there anything you can learn from this?

Tomorrow practice

Thinking and really feeling this thought many times during the day: Everyone in the world is valuable and unique.

  • At the end of the day, check how you feel about yourself when you think this thought?

  • How do you feel about others?

  • If you have found it useful to think positively about yourself and others in this way, perhaps tomorrow you could create your own positive thought to practice…

You may also like to listen to the creative visualisation again so that you can go deeper into some of the ideas.

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