Our Inner Climate Greatly Impacts the Outer Climate

We look for answers – we continue to search everywhere; yet the one place we can easily overlook is inside ourselves.

Climate change is the result of our actions. Our actions took birth through the seed of our consciousness. Therefore the solution to climate change will also take birth in our consciousness.

External commitments without internal experience and commitment cannot succeed long-term. All real changes – whether big changes in the world or small changes in my life – occur as a sequence of changes, beginning with a change in awareness.

A change in awareness initiates a change of attitude. Our attitude colours our vision. When we see the world in a new way, we can no longer act in the same way as before. New actions generate a new world.

Tree of Positive Qualities from the Seed of Inner Consciousness

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Tree of Negative Qualities from the Seed of Outer Consciousness

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Trees of Consciousness Reflection

"I sit quietly and gently reflect on where I am living on a daily basis… with love and patience for myself I resolve to live within the tree of inner consciousness and strengthen this... this is both a gift I offer myself… a gift for my relationships with others…along with a gift for my World and precious Mother Nature…"



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