Open Eyed Meditation

When we think of meditation, we generally have the image of people sitting with their eyes closed. Yet Inner Space Meditation is opened-eyed.

Open-eyed meditation lets you access a meditative state of mind, even when you are not sitting down. Instead of feeling that your meditative state is available only when you have stepped away from all responsibilities and closed your eyes, you will be able to bring the clarity and power of meditation into daily activity. You will integrate peace, tranquillity and strength into your busy life.

Through the day while facing challenges we can hold our awareness with stability even while seeing the challenge in front of us. Open-eyed meditation also means that we can take many opportunities during the day to meditate when we have a few minutes while waiting in line or at the traffic lights.

Consider how this method works. Think of a time when you daydreamed. Your eyes were open, but you were totally absorbed in other thoughts. So when you practise open-eyed meditation, your eyes focus on the task in front of you, but your mind is engaged in inner experience. You may be making a meal, but your mind stays peaceful.

Experiment with open-eyed meditation. Gradually, you will get used to leaving your eyes open or half-open in meditation.

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How to meditate with open eyes

Whatever you look at, your mind creates thoughts about. Choose something to focus on - some people like to sit in front of a candle or a flower. At Inner Space Meditation we often use a simple point of light image. Be sure that the chosen image does not distract you, but rather enhances concentration and meditation.

Begin your meditation with this thought, "I am looking out through these eyes, and I now turn my attention away from the world around me and start to look within.”

Stay focused on the image in front of you. Keep the intention to focus on the chosen image. Softly gaze upon the focus point; there is no need to stare. You might even feel that the image drifts out of focus. Resist the habit of looking around the room, at things or people. If you really feel you can’t concentrate, then close your eyes, but try to open them again after a little while.

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