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Miraculous Remedy for Boredom

If you're feeling bored while in the quarantine area, in the hospital or even in your home during the upcoming days, try the following remedies, but before use, read carefully.

  1. These drugs will maximize their effects when you use the "whole package" (all 5 types in a day). If you choose one, two or three types, please be assured that they will all work well. However, why not try the full dose for maximum effect?

  2. These "miraculous" drugs can be taken as much as possible, has no expiry date and absolutely no side effects.

  3. These drugs are for all, old, young, adult, baby, male and female. Whoever you are, you can use it.

  4. The drugs are completely free, you do not have to buy them in pharmacies, you have them readily available.

  5. However, the one thing that is a bit difficult, is that you have to remember to take them. So, you can create a number of ways to remind yourself to use them daily, such as writing down a note on a small piece of paper that you see often, setting auto-reminders in your phone, or maybe even having a family member or a friend remind you, so you don't forget it.

Image: Michelle Phillips / Unsplash

Here are the 5 drugs to be used each day

When I wake up early in the morning, have the thought: "I am peaceful and happy. Today will be a very happy day”.

When I eat breakfast, lunch or dinner or when I drink water, I feel that I am taking care of this body and that the well-being of nourishment will make my body always healthy.

When I talk, or interact with someone, it's like I'm playing a special game where toys are virtues, and good qualities like love, tolerance, patience, kindness, compassion...

You can create your own game, if you are satisfied and the other person is satisfied, you have won.

From morning to night, every hour, take a minute to stop and ask yourself in the last 59 minutes, Was I happy? What made me feel happy?

Before going to sleep, I lie on the bed, I relax your entire body and, if possible, I massage any areas that feel tired and thank them for their service. I rewind my day, and appreciate the positive things and if anything is not satisfying, I let go. I allow myself to enter a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

With this remedy, Dr. Inner Space wishes you to get well soon and never let the "bored" disease come back!

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