Meditation for Five Elements

Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether

Our minds create thoughts.

Our thoughts create vibrations.

Our vibrations affect the elements.

The closest thing to our mind is our body. So meditation firstly affects our body then as the vibrations spread out they affect the atmosphere and the elements of nature.

Meditating then is a WIN – WIN. Our health benefits and Mother Nature is supported!

Spending some minutes each day sending loving, respectful thoughts out to Mother Nature’s five elements is a special way for us to support our World.

Let’s meditate on the five elements!


Is solid, heavy, dense and foundational, it is present in the body as our nails, teeth, and is our physical ‘sheath' or body…

Meditation on Earth: "Relaxing my body… I give gratitude for the protection it gives my being… I feel the connection with the element of earth that forms my body… I use my inner strength to create calm and peaceful vibrations in my body… I send these vibrations out into the elements of earth that surrounds me… these vibrations soothe and calm the elements of the Earth…"


is energy, heat, transformation, metabolism, and creation. It is present in the body in the digestive system and with regulation of body temperature, as well our the mental-emotional ‘sheath', which consists of thoughts, emotions and obsessions …

Meditation on Fire: "I breathe in deeply and out slowly… I contemplate this element of fire and how it enables me to digest the food I take… it regulates my body temperature… and my emotions… in a sense this element of fire plays an integral role in the life of each and every human being on the planet…now I consider how this element of fire enables food preparation and allows millions of people to experience warmth in the cold of winter…. I honor this element of fire… I send it my thoughts of deep gratitude and appreciation…"


Is oxygen, breath, motion and lightness. It is present throughout the body’s respiration process and the movement of nerve impulses, and the wisdom ‘sheath'.

Meditation on Air: "I give my full attention to my breathing… I breathe slowing and deeply… filling my lungs completely with the life giving energy of air… I offer deep respect to this element of air… this element that gives me life itself… I think of the challenges we put upon this element through our actions…. I offer this element of air respect and appreciation… I send these vibrations to her…"


Is space, all-pervasiveness and expansiveness. It is present in the body as the space between cells, and the bliss ‘sheath’ innermost nature or inner being.

Meditation on Ether: "I reflect on ether… I experience myself travelling through space… it is ether that allows me to traverse the universe and look down at this blue world from above… Looking down at my world from above allows me to become an observer of it and I see its diverse beauty… I send understanding and appreciation to this element of ether."


Is liquid, flowing and dissolving, it is present in the body as blood, water, and lymph, and the energy ‘sheath’, consisting of breath and energy.

Meditation on Water: "I visualise the crystals of water within my body… flowing and dissolving as I breath gently... in… and out… I send out these beautiful images of my water crystals into the world to connect with nature… I can hear the tinkling of the water, watch the crystals change and I observe the light dancing off them and I feel my soul dance in that light... "

Let’s experiment with a meditation for Mother Nature!

You may wonder how our thoughts really help Mother Nature. We would like to offer you some information about Prof. Masaru Emoto’s research on how our thoughts create a significant impact on WATER, one of the five elements as below.

Research on Influence of our Thoughts on Water

According to the devoted lifetime research of Professor Masaru Emoto of Japan, Water is the element that is most affected by our vibrations. This also is important for our health, as our bodies are around 75% water.

This knowledge of the power of our thoughts and vibrations to impact water, so inspired Professor Emoto, he devoted his life to this research. He has inspired millions of people through his ‘Water Photos’.

Let’s explore more Prof. Masaru Emoto’s experiment on Gratitude!

While Professor Emoto has found water to be the element that is most easily influenced by our vibrations, the four other elements of earth, fire, air, and ether, can be supported greatly when we create positive, kind and loving vibrations.

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