Letters to Mother Nature

Each year in many countries around the world we celebrate ‘Mother’s Day’ and on that day we honour our respective mothers. In Vietnam we also have ‘Women’s Day’ when we honour all women. On these days we often give gifts to our Mothers and speak or write them loving messages.

There is one more ‘Mother’ that plays an incredibly irreplaceable role in all the lives of every human on this planet. That is Mother Nature. 'The Letters to Mother Nature’ project was an opportunity for us to honor Mother Nature and truly take time to communicate with her.

The recent corona virus created a large-scale emotional reaction among literally billions of the world’s population. When so many people are experiencing emotions of fear, worry and stress, these collective emotions steeply lower the global vibrational frequency.

At this time together with witnessing the ‘contagious’ power of social media to spread positivity, we saw its power to spread fear and worry.

(For more detail of this letter)

To redirect this low vibrational energy of worry and fear into a higher vibration we invited young people to spend time writing letters to dear Mother Nature, and sharing ‘positive acts’ they would like to ‘gift her’.

We feel that by offering even a few minutes each day speaking to Mother Nature; sending her positive vibrations such as peace and respect, or being careful with use of her resources such as water and air, helps to raise the vibrational frequency.

For most, if not all of the young people, it was their first time to write letters to Mother Nature. Some of them were quite emotional as they began, thinking about the current state of the environment. Each letter also contains hope, a sense of optimism and some commitments to support dear Mother Nature.

Please enjoy these heart-written and spoken letters from young people and you may choose to use them as a kind of meditation or reflection.

What follows is a selection of their letters to Her.

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