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Introduction to Inner Space Meditation


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Meditation is the practice of calming our mind and focusing on peaceful, positive thoughts. In meditation, we turn our attention away from the outside world and begin to look within. We discover our own inner source of peace, happiness, love and goodness. These qualities nurture and strengthen us and give us the power to cope with the pressures of everyday life.

The meditations in this Creative Corner are designed to assist you in remaining calm, focused and to help ease stress. They are also help build a strong sense of self-esteem.

Sometimes there is the idea that meditation means to empty the mind of thoughts in order to experience peace of mind. However, our lack of peace or stress is mainly due to the quality of thoughts we have.

So simply explained Inner Space Meditation does not try to empty the mind. Instead it trains the mind to create thoughts that bring peace and help us to feel strong inside.

Have an Aim

It is helpful to set yourself a simple aim for your meditation. Having an aim can help you to stay focused during your meditation. Don’t make it too difficult or complicated, but something you feel you can easily achieve. For example, you might want to experience a feeling of peace and silence or feel more relaxed and at ease.

Your aim needs to be positive and in the present tense. Instead of saying “I want to let go of fear and anxiety,” you could say “I feel peaceful and content.”

Instead of saying “I want my mind to stop wandering,” you could say “I am concentrated and my mind is focused.”

(Peacetime, Sara Albion)

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