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Inner Space Green Practices

About seven years ago Inner Space was part of a project for youth to encourage ‘green-practices’.

On the opening day, which was sponsored by a large multi-national company, we were seated in a beautiful conference centre with air conditioning and each of us was sitting comfortably with our bottles of la vie water on the desks in front of us.

I looked at my la vie bottle of water and then I visualised the city, then the country and then the world, I had this terrifying picture in my mind of how many multi millions of single-use water bottles were being drunk and thrown into rubbish bins each hour… each day.

I pictured this enormous mountain of plastic in front of me.

I deeply felt a sense of connection to dear Mother Nature. This culture of drinking from single-use water bottles is so easy to replace with a nice drinking bottle which can be easily refilled from water machines or a filtered water tap. It’s SO simple. Since that day I committed to this small practice that quickly became a habit.

At Inner Space we are still learning and increasing both our awareness of dear Mother Nature and practices to support her. In the chart below are some of our green practices and we would love to hear from you about yours.

Many fingers together will move the mountain, and support Mother Nature in sustaining the people of the world.

Zoom in the image for more detail.

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