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Happy Thoughts - Happy Minds


Check if this is for you

  • Check point 1: Would you like to feel calmer inside?

  • Check point 2: Would you like to concentrate better?

  • Check point 3: Would you like to have lots of positive thoughts?

If your answers are ‘YES’, this is for YOU.

Hello and Welcome.

We have designed this session to support you in you thinking.

We hope you enjoy it.


  • Please read the ‘Types of Thoughts’ below.

  • Which thoughts help you to feel happy?

  • How will you feel if you have lots of positive thoughts about yourself?

  • Any there any types of thoughts which would you like to have less of?

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Types of Thoughts

Our thoughts create our feelings. If we think positively, then we will feel positive inside.

But if we thinking negatively, we will feel worried, bored and that things are difficult.

As we create our thoughts, we can change the thoughts that make us unhappy to happy thoughts. For example, we can change the thought, “I always fail.” to “I always do my best, and this brings success.”

We have four main types of thoughts. Each type of thought has a different impact on our feelings.

1. Positive Thoughts

These thoughts create positive feelings and make us cheerful. These thoughts make us feel good inside and also good about others. These thoughts come from our innate nature of peace, love, happiness, power and wisdom.

Some examples: “I am powerful.” “I can do it.” “I am cheerful.”

2. Negative Thoughts

These thoughts create negative feelings and bordem. We create not good feelings for ourselves and also not good feelings and sadness for others. We lose our energy and enthusiasm. These thoughts emerge from anger, stress, unfare comparisions, laziness, jealousy, hopelessness and low self-esteem.

Some examples: “I am weak.” “I am hopeless.” “I cannot to do this.” “I am not as good as others.” “I will fail.”

3. Necessary and Useful Thoughts

These thoughts create more of a neutral feeling. (not positive or negative). These are thoughts about what I need to do during the day and my responsibilities for myself.

For example: “I have to eat dinner.” “I have to go to school.” “This is the time to do my homework.”

4.Waste Thoughts

These thoughts create tiredness, reduce our energy and waste our time. We can feel disappointed, hopeless, and heavy. They come from thinking about past events, things that we can not control or change, thinking about our fears and worries about the future.

For example: “I wish I had gone to bed earlier.” “I often make mistakes.” “Why do I have to sit beside this student?"

Based on an extract from Peacetime by Sara Albion

Image: Conner Ching / Unsplash

‘Positive Thoughts Challenge’

  • Today have as many positive thoughts as you can.

  • If any waste or negative thoughts come in your mind, ask them to ‘leave’!

Show them the door out of your mind! Then replace them with more positive thoughts.

  • At the end of the day, check see how you feel. You may like to check:

How do positive thoughts make you feel? Do you feel stronger when you have positive thoughts? What else have you learned from your ‘positive thoughts challenge’?

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