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Five Steps of Meditation

A simple but profound guide that guarantees success.

Step 1: Relaxation I become relaxed by breathing slowly and deeply several times …as I breathe in I fill my lungs completely… as I breathe out I exhale fully ….I relax all my muscles in my body.

Step 2: Concentration I become focused by slowly withdrawing my attention away from my surroundings…slowly yet, firmly I withdraw my attention inside myself …I concentrate my attention on the centre of my forehead, and gently, but firmly, hold my focus on this point.

Step 3: Contemplation Now that I am focused, I awaken my meditation theme – in the early stages of meditation, my theme may be just one clear sentence or one virtue I would like to experience deeply.

Contemplation is reflecting deeply on this theme. Not in a hard way, but letting the mind gently ‘wrap’ itself around the thought. Allowing the theme to sink deeply into my awareness and holding my thoughts on it.

Step 4 Realisation Realisation is when my understanding of the meditation theme and my feelings combine, and I experience deep harmony and meaning within myself….I slowly repeat my meditation theme until it enters my heart.

Step 5: Meditation In the meditation stage, I am deeply absorbed in the meditation theme and I no longer need to ‘create’ thoughts, but I am NOT empty. I am absorbed in the experience of the thought or meditation theme. This brings me deep inner well-being and peace.

Please enjoy a video of 5 Steps!

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