Explaining 'Vibrations'

Have you ever walked into a room for the first time, and although visibly everything in the room was in place and organized, just felt there was something ‘not right’ with it? Something wrong with the atmosphere? Perhaps you sensed a heaviness or some discomfort?

Everything in life is vibration. – Albert Einstein –

It is very possible that what you were feeling were the ‘vibrations’ in the room created by the people that inhabit it. We often use the expressions ‘good vibes’ or ‘heavy vibes’ to describe places and also people, yet we rarely stop and consider what this means and how those good or heavy vibes were created.

Your brain does not think, but you think with your brain. As you think you set up a vibrational frequency in your body. – Bob Proctor –

Vibrations are invisible which can make them less easy to understand. The following article is a simple attempt to shed some light on vibrations and their importance.

Although vibrations are invisible, they are not intangible, in fact they are deeply felt and experienced constantly.

As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract. – Abraham Hicks –

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Yet what ARE vibrations?

Simply described vibrations are the energy we give out every time we think.

Vibrations firstly affect our mind, then our brains and next our body – amazingly this process often takes place in less than one second! Finally these vibrations spread out into the atmosphere around us.

Dr David R. Hawkins, an internationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, and developer of the widely-known Map of Consciousness, shows a diagram of vibrational states of being in his book Power vs. Force.

Hawkins found that consciousness levels have a scale from 1 to 1000. The lowest level is Shame, which vibrates at 20, Fear is 100, Courage is 200, Acceptance is 350 and Love is 500. Enlightenment levels range from 600 to 1000.

Strikingly, he has found through extensive research that 99% of the world’s population is living at a low frequency - below 200 - which means they will be experiencing some form of suffering or unhappiness.

This is a very strong message for us to raise our vibrational frequency and to support others in doing the same. While the message can feel very concerning, the amazing truth, which we often overlook, is that it is TOTALLY in our hands to choose to raise our thoughts and consequently our vibrations.

The Map of Consciousness Scale can be used as an empowering tool for us to ‘see’ what we are thinking and vibrations we are expressing on a daily basis.

Once we ‘see’ we become more self-aware. Self-awareness is the first step to inner change. Self-awareness is also the first step in building our EQ, or emotional intelligence, the ability to understand and manage our emotions, as well as understand other’s emotions and respond to them effectively.

This current time in the world in calling for us to have both very high vibrational frequency and also high levels of EQ, in order to help ourselves and others.

If we have low vibrational frequency - 200 or less - then we will be influenced by our surroundings and the people around us. In an atmosphere of fear and worry, if our vibrational frequency is 200 or lower, we will feel the influence of the atmosphere, and will often find ourselves worrying and become fearful even if we were not before.

Yet if we are thinking with positivity, acceptance, optimism, compassion - vibrating higher frequency vibrations - we will uplift the vibrational frequency around us.

When we think, we send out vibrations of a fine ethereal substance, which are as real as the vibrations manifesting light, heat, electricity, and magnetism.

That these vibrations are not evident to our five senses is no proof that they do not exist. A powerful magnet will send out vibrations and exert a force sufficient to attract to itself a piece of steel weighing a hundred pounds, but we can neither see, taste, smell, hear nor feel the mighty force.

These thought vibrations, likewise, cannot be seen, tasted, smelled, heard nor felt in the ordinary way; yet we all distinctly feel the thought-vibrations of others, both whilst in the presence of the sender and at a distance.

We are sending out thoughts of greater or less intensity all the time, and we are reaping the results of such thoughts.

– William Walker Atkinson (1906) –

So in summary empowering understanding to hold inside us is that:

We CAN increase the quality of our thoughts, vibrations and consciousness. It is in our power to choose to do this and to choose to raise our level. It is 100% within every individual to choose a higher vibration of thought and vibration.

When we make the choice to increase the quality of our thoughts and vibrations in our daily lives and; choose tolerance instead of criticism; understanding instead of judgement; care instead of worry; self-respect instead of self-criticism; positivity instead of pessimism; we raise our vibrations, first the state of inner and mental strength, then affecting our health and next spreading out into the atmosphere, affecting the room we are in and affecting the five elements.

A TIME Magazine research some years ago found we have somewhere between 30,000 - 50,000 thoughts each day. More recently other research has found very ‘stressed minds’ can produce up to 80,000 thoughts each day. Each thought has a corresponding vibration. When we choose our thoughts well and of the highest quality we are benefiting not only ourselves but the entire planet.

At such a time in the world, each of our thoughts count in making a positive contribution to our world so let us choose them wisely as we would with any valuable possession we own.

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