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Building Skillls & Inner Resilience for Disasters


Increase your capacity to manage

  • Knowledge: how to get & purify water, or light a fire

  • Equipment: bucket, water purifying pills

  • Practice: to do it in reality

  • Ability & skills: to swim, to run, to drive car, to cook, fasting, etc.

  • Mental preparation: to adjust to change and challenge

Australia Floods 2011. Image: Daily Mail

New Zealand Earthquake 2011. Image: Greg Powker / AP

Japan Tsunami 2011. Image: Kyodo News

Australia Fire 2019-20. Image: Matthew Abbott / The New York Times

COVID-19 Pandemic (Coronavirus Disease) 2019-20. Image: Xiao Yijiu / AP

Think about different scenarios & make preparations

  • Earthquake

  • Tsunami

  • Flood

  • Epidemic

  • Fire

  • Starvation, Famine

  • Extreme Weather

Imagine: no electricity, no gas, no food, no water!


  1. Physical preparation: Good fitness level, first aid course, outdoor activity, self-defense, survival course, (knowledge of edible plants etc.)

  2. Mental preparation: Meditation, visualization, will power, motivation

Edible vegetable: Learn about local vegetables you can eat and can find easily.

Centella Asiatica (left) - Peperomia Pellucida (right)

Equipment: Minimum with knives and matches. Two Types of Survival Bag:

  • Small Survival Bag: Knives, matches or lighter, fire steel, whistle, razorblade, magnifier glass, multipurpose tool, can-opener, water purification pill, torch, FM radio, spare batteries, paper and pen, safety pins, sewing kit, money, compass, mirror.

  • Big Survival Bag: Knives, matches, lighter, fire steel, steel wool, magnifying glass, map, compass, tent, groundsheet, sleeping bag, headlamp, torch, razorblade, mirror, food (emergency food bars, biscuit, chocolate, nuts, honey, tea-begs, soup) and water, warm clothes, waterproofs -clothes, -boots, sunglasses, multipurpose tool, tin opener, water purification pills (Giardia intestinalis or Giardia lamblia.), whistle, insect repellent, cooking equipment, stove, bottled gas or other form of fire igniting material, pots, cutlery, cups, tin opener, thermos flask, bin bags, soap and shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, towels, toilet paper, toiletries, wet wipes, first aid kit, antihistamines, antiseptic, plasters/bandages, paracetamol or some other kind of pain relief, mobile phone, binoculars, FM radio, spare batteries, pen and paper, safety pins, sewing kit, copy of passport, copy of driving license, copy of ID card.

Knives (left) - Multipurpose Tool (right)

Three Important Abilities

  1. To make fire

  2. To get water

  3. To get shelter

Be creative! Use what nature gives you!

More information about survival

  • Internet

  • CD, DVD

  • Books

  • TV, 'Discovery'

  • Films like 'Titanic', Rambo, etc.

  • Survival courses

Homework: Close your main waterpipe, gaspipe & switch of the main electricity switch for one or two days, and see how much you are (un)prepared!

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