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Appreciating Myself

Check if this is for you:

  • Check point 1: Would you like to always feel very good about yourself inside?

  • Check point 2: Would you like to stay strong even when someone is not so kind?

If your answers are ‘YES’, this is for YOU.

You are going to do a meditation on feeling good about yourself, and staying strong even if others around you are sometimes not so positive or kind.

  • It will take about 9 minutes.

  • Please find a quiet place to sit comfortably.

  • Fully focus your attention on the audio.

  • If you get distracted with other thoughts, gently guide it back to the meditation.

  • You can close your eyes, or keep them open. If you keep them open then focus them on one point in front of as you listen.

Meditation on Self Respect

You may listen to this meditation regularly, to continue to increase your appreciation of yourself. This meditation will also help you feel happy inside...

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